Tuesday, September 11, 2007


OK - work with me here. How on earth could anyone come up with a plot which involves crashing airplanes into buildings? I mean, how does anyone even THINK of something like that? If you would take a poll among terrorists about what evil plot they are daydreaming about, those plots might involve hijacking planes and they might involve blowing up buildings, but I don't think the 2 for 1 combo was high on anyone's list before 9/11/01.

Is there a special set of dice that terrorists roll when thinking about the best ways to harm the innocent? This way they can try out different combinations of the multiple ways they know to hurt people.

America rolled a deadly combination of "plane hijacking" and "building collapse" on a sunny morning 6 years ago.

I pray that the sides of the dice are wiped clean this Rosh HaShannah and rewritten with a multitude of blessings. I'm open for ANY combinations of blessings that anyone wants to send my way :)

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