Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Early Bird

I was asked to be sure to be at work on time this morning, as we have a big job coming in. I roll in 10 minutes early (I'll admit I was tempted to take a short walk and come in at exactly 9 on the dot, but thought the better of it. Might as well get in and get the work done so I can leave on time). Of course, the job hasn't arrived yet. Classic. So I am allowng myself the luxury of blogging in the few minutes before work actually gets here.

I have been reading a lot of new blogs lately (new = I never read them before, not that they are actually new). There are all kinds of interesting people out there with interesting blogs. Most are thoughtful and well written. Many address issues I think about myself. What I think is especially intersting are all of the friendships between bloggers that would never have developed in "real life." Religious differences, gender differences and age differences are not a barrier on a blog. A 17 year old Orthodox girl in Brooklyn can comment on the blog of a 50 year old Conservative man in Chicago. Astounding!


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