Friday, September 22, 2006

The Erev Rosh HaShannah Edition

It seems like I only post on Fridays. It's not that Fridays are slower than any other day, but the end of the week brings more gathered thoughts, and recently, a wistful feeling and a desire to be wise.

This Friday is no exception. Especially because tonight is Rosh HaShannah.

What am I davening for this year? It seems to be that each year, I end up focusing on one thing, only to realize somewher towards the end of davening about everything else I meant to daven for. So I thought if I planned better in advance this year, I could get in everything I meant to.

Here we go:

World-related things:
1. General peace in the world, including:
Natural disasters
Nuclear threats
All that good stuff...

Jewish People related things:
1. Extra prayer for peace in Israel
2. The state of the Jewish community as a whole, religiously and economically.

Personal related things:
1. My relationships with my God, my friends and family should be strong and grow.
2. I should be able to have the clarity to understand what I really need to be doing with myself, both in terms of my job and my religious and personal life.
3. I should have the strength to be able to fulfill all of the goals that I have set for this year.

I don't feel comfortable posting everything here, but I hope this will help me focus better. Maybe it will help you focus as well.

Shannah Tovah!


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